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SCION EVOLUTION: Detroit was started with the intent of one common goal, to share the interest, ideas and love for our Scions. Along the way we hope to build an organization that all Scion owners can participate in and be proud of.
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 Kick panel project (JL audio midbass)

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PostSubject: Kick panel project (JL audio midbass)   Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:58 am

So after a lot of research, talking to people and listening to other systems, I decided to order a pair of mid base woofers for the GA. I ordered a pair of the JL audio 8 inch mid base speakers. Originally I was going to put them in the kick panel area, but after mocking them up there was no way I was going to get the required .750 cubic feet. The closest I came and I say this loosely is .25 cubic feet. So i did not want to get all crazy with modifying the floor of the car and such, so i decided that i actually do it the right way and put the midbass speakers in the doors and put the midrange speakers in the kicks. I had already made adapters to fit the infinity mid ranges in the door as i had to kick them out a half inch for them to be able to be clear of the window track in the door. So now came even a bigger task of trying to fit an 8inch speaker in the door. First problem was the JL was an inch and some change deeper than the infinity. So after mocking up the door panel i realized that I had about a half inch maybe more to play with. So I made an adapter out of MDF, consisted of two MDF half inch rings. The bottom layer mounts to the original door locations while the second layer is for the speaker to mount to. The speaker is being mounted over the door panel, but it will be mounted thru the panel to the actual door.

So now that left the mid range speakers, i made up some Rings and took the bases of the kick panels i made and got them positioned at the driver and pasenger heads respectively.

The tweeters i am still on the fence about, like anything else I have heard that it is best to mount them with the midrange and some say to leave them in the A-pilliar to bring up the front stage a little bit. I am going to leave them in the a-pillar for now but i am leaving room in the kick panel enclosures to put them in there if i change my mind. I do have the alpine Imprint so i can put the delay in the tweeters if need be.

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PostSubject: Re: Kick panel project (JL audio midbass)   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:40 pm

looks like it's coming along
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Kick panel project (JL audio midbass)
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