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 Airlift Scion tC performance air ride suspension

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PostSubject: Airlift Scion tC performance air ride suspension   Thu May 21, 2009 9:48 am

I drove/rode in the Airlift tC test car last night. Anyone with a tC needs to start saving for this kit. The Easystreet kit rides like you would not believe. We put it through its paces last night. Everything from smooth roads, freeway on ramps, curves, hills, potholes, ruts and some back woods dirt road rally driving. Ever see a tC do Swiss turns??

The ride is amazing, the compressor is quiet and it takes up very little room in the car.
Here are some photos.... my battery died so not as many photos as I wanted to get.

Ride Height for two people (obviously not in the car now)

Full up

Full drop

Full trunk set up

compressor and valves (can be lifted out to get to spare tire with one wing nut)

tank (coiled hose was for air tools at the track)

These photos are hard to see but are of the rear bags and their protective dust shield.

Front strut tower

As for the track trip.... compared this set up to the K&W coilovers. Setting suspension up at same ride heights and camber, same day and track. The air ride was only a second slower on the track.
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Airlift Scion tC performance air ride suspension
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